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Home of Fish Tacos

Baja California is known as the home of fish tacos. While you may find decent ones elsewhere, nothing beats the taste of a freshly made fish taco in its native habitat. My favorite place to grab a fish taco (or two) is Mariscos Tito’s: Rosarito Mexico, just off the 1D toll road . They have locations in Playas de Tijuana, in Tijuana proper and in Ensenada. I have passed by the one in Ensenada a few times, but my spot is the one in Rosarito. I can’t speak for the ones in Tijuana, but compared to Ensenada, the Rosarito location is bigger. It also has ample, dedicated parking.

Why Tito’s? Well, the food is fresh, the taste explodes in your mouth, the servings are large and the prices are small. A better question would be “why not Tito’s”? Prices fluctuate with time and the relative value (for Americans) depends on the exchange rate. When I’ve been, the standard fish taco cost me roughly $0.75 USD. There is no way a massive fish taco like that would cost anywhere in the ballpark of a dollar if I were buying it at home.

The basic fish taco (taco pescado) is breaded and fried and the pieces are so big that it’s sometimes difficult to fold the tortilla over. I’ve had to remove a piece of fish to eat by itself, because the taco was too massive and messy, otherwise. For a little extra money, though still a bargain, you can upgrade to a higher end taco.

Tito's fish tacos.

The Price is Right

Last time I was there, I tried the marlin taco and it was delicious. The marlin was not battered like the basic pescado. The best I can describe it is to say that the consistency reminded me a bit of the crab mixture in a crab cake. Of course, the taste and flavor were entirely different. To put the cost into perspective, I paidfor three people and we each had a taco and soft drink. It cost me about $6.50 USD for the whole shebang. That has to be, at minimum, a third of what it would cost north of the border.

Tito's menu.
Prices are subject to change, but are always a bargain.

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As I already mentioned, Mariscos Tito’s is right off the toll road. Just minutes from Playa Rosarito, you’ll find it on Calle Puente Machado. With its bright blue tents and colorful signs, it’s hard to miss. Just reminiscing about Tito’s is making me a little hungry.

There are plenty of other menu options you can explore. Unfortunately, I don’t know what else to recommend. I have yet to venture past those awesome tacos. Maybe next time. It will be hard to beat a combo of taco pescado and taco marlin, though.

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